Life is awesome.

When you graduate high school, or even college, and talk about where you see yourself in 5 years, what are the odds of actually being there in that time frame? For me, I was way off. Part of me hated the idea of what seemed inevitable- So I decided to do something different, something unique. Currently, Im in the midst of it. This isn’t a normal website where you will see a list of accomplishments or rewards- I’ve done little and received none. But what you will see is a mission.

My mission is simple- I want to see people succeed. I believe, to some degree, every human is born with a certain degree of vitality and as we grow, that liveliness goes away. The five year old thinks anything is possible, the 35 year old is certain it’s not.

Every company I am a part of- one way or another, is designed to inspire. Professionally, my check list of things to accomplish is just as frightening as it is exciting. Personally, I’m pushing myself the same. I have strong opinions that you may not agree with. But I’m doing my best to travel as much as I can, with an open mind, to work to prove what I believe to be true, wrong.